Go Mobile!

Take Evolution To A New Level

Evolution Moby It’s time to go mobile! Tablets and phones are replacing desktops and laptops as primary interface devices. Your users are comfortable with this technology and almost consider it a burden to lug around anything larger than an iPad.

Authentic mobile applications are available for iOS and Android devices in conjunction with our exclusive Evolution framework. If you’ve modernized your desktop application, why not get a fully functioning mobile application?

Modernizing your desktop application is not required if you are interested in Evolution Mobile. Mobile can be built before, after, or at the same time depending on what works best for you. Because we use our proprietary BP Connector, the APIs can be the same or different from desktop to mobile. The choice is yours based on your needs.

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What makes BravePoint’s Evolution the superior choice when it comes to mobile?

  • No runtime fees or extra licensing costs
  • One code base for both iOS and Android
  • Rapid implementation
  • Does not require Java or Objective-C knowledge
  • Full support included and training is available
  • Vast functionality built around your business logic
  • Customized themes
  • Simple to update and upgrade versions
  • Runs offline and saves changes; syncs when internet connectivity is restored
  • Easy-to-learn programming environment
  • Integrates with the mobile device’s core functionality (phone, email, etc.)
  • Include photos and videos

We believe in stripping away the barriers between you, your software, and authentic mobile development. You want to get mobile apps up and running quickly, and we want to help!

The Evolution Mobile framework is made up of the Corona SDK Platform. It is built on standards including OpenGL, OpenAL, Box2D, Facebook, SQLite and more, allowing us to create a rich mobile business app ten times faster than other mobile development solutions.

Experience our Evolution Mobile Demonstration App - MOBY!

Test the mobile functionality of this example application, built using the familiar Sports 2000 database from Progress.

demo version of the app

What can you do in Moby?

  • Perform customer lookups
  • Perform item lookups
  • Update customer records
  • View customer location, your location, and directions to and from
  • Review customer orders and details of specific orders
  • Call or email customers from the application

Your application can include whatever functionality your business logic requires. Moby is designed to give users an idea of how smooth Evolution Mobile functions are for the end user and how it integrates with the mobile device’s native functionality.

Take Moby offline and users can still modify records. These records will update once Internet connectivity has been reestablished.

Moby is the ideal playground to get your feet wet and see the possibilities that await you when you consider mobile applications with BravePoint.

No runtime fees.
No additional licensing costs.
One code base to manage.
Full BravePoint support.
Runs on iOS and Android devices.
Easy to update and upgrade.

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